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Steam Ironing Presses

Via. A.Volta, 6 (Z.I.) - 35042 ESTE (Pd) - Italy
Tel +39 04293281 Fax. +39 04294166 P.I. 01299060283

The Company

IMECE established in 1961 by Mr. Berto Enneri, produces a wide range of steam ironing presses to satisfy the whole knitwear industry.

The production supplies the Italian market and the most important country all over the world.

Our company is a sure reference for all knitting companies: the wide range of products includes ironing tables and single or multiple ironing presses, industrial machines with belt conveyor for continuous processing, pre-ironing machines and supply of steam generators.

All our machines are totally designed, engineered and manufactured within our company by qualified staff and are produced with safety standards, with CE certification and production guarantee under UE rules.

The spirit of our company remains, after 50 years, to help and to solve problems of our costumers, to assist and to advise them to buy the best machine for their needs, to change or to add to our machines according to their indications.